Sticks & Stones: The Second Year

  Here’s to another year of celebrating poetry! Each one of the books I reviewed in 2019 moved me in unique and unforeseen ways, from Shaindel Beers’ harrowing escape from an abusive marriage to Cynthia Anderson’s evocative descriptions of the Mojave Desert. These books went with me on road trips, to waiting rooms and hotel Continue reading Sticks & Stones: The Second Year

FREE Poetry email newsletter + interview with Erica Goss

The first issue of Sticks & Stones, my bi-monthly newsletter, will be delivered to subscribers on Monday, January 1, 2018. Issue 1 features a review of Jenene Ravesloot’s poetry collection, titled Sliders, a random poem from the bookshelf, notes from the reading life, and a pithy quote or two. To subscribe, send me an email Continue reading FREE Poetry email newsletter + interview with Erica Goss

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

I’m re-launching my online presence, which includes this updated WordPress website, regular blog posts, and an enhanced, twice-monthly newsletter. The newsletter is the result of a brainstorm I had during one of my nine-hour drives between Oregon and California this fall: poetry books need more reviews! I used to review books of poems quite often, Continue reading Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!