Poetry Collection Reviews

Sticks & Stones: The Third Year

Here’s to another year of celebrating poetry!

2020 was another amazing year for poetry. Each one of the books I reviewed for Sticks & Stones moved me, from Abby E. Murray’s poignant descriptions of being an army wife to Nicole Stellon O’Donnell’s depictions of life as a teacher in the remotest parts of Alaska. Due to the quarantine, I rarely left my house in 2020, so these lovely books stayed close by, friends in an uneasy time.

I’m happy to announce the review schedule for 2021:

January—All the Marvelous Stuff by Nils Peterson,  art by Patrick Surgalski
February—Now In Color by Jacqueline Balderrama
March–Aflame by Gary McDowell
April—Mother Country by Elana Bell
May—The Burning Where Breath Used to Be by Jen Karetnick
June—Ghost Dogs by Dion O’Reilly
July—Dialogues with Rising Tides by Kelli Russell Agodon
August—OYO by Mark B. Hamilton
September—Kissing the Long Face of the Greyhound by Yvonne Zipter
October—Locus/Loci by Robert Eastwood
November—The Problem with Solitaire by Lucia Misch
December—Aviary by Genevieve Kaplan

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