Poetry Collection Reviews

Sticks & Stones: The Second Year


Here’s to another year of celebrating poetry!

Each one of the books I reviewed in 2019 moved me in unique and unforeseen ways, from Shaindel Beers’ harrowing escape from an abusive marriage to Cynthia Anderson’s evocative descriptions of the Mojave Desert. These books went with me on road trips, to waiting rooms and hotel rooms, and restaurants, parks, and airplanes. Wherever I went in 2019, I had something fantastic to read.

I’m happy to announce the review schedule for 2020:

January–Twoxism by Claudia Serea & Maria Haro
February–Our Age of Anxiety by Henry Israeli
March–You Are No Longer in Trouble by Nicole Stellon O’Donnell
April–Hail and Farewell by Abby E. Murray
May–Skin Memory by John Sibley Williams
June–The Language of Stone by Joan Dobbie
July–Intersection on Neptune by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee
August–Ordinary Gravity by Gary Lark
September–In Search of Warm Breathing Things by Katherine Gekker
October–Oncoming Halos by Marjorie Power
November–Play Me a Revolution by Lindsey Royce
December–A Map and One Year by Karen L. George

Happy Holidays!

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