Plague Poetry

I’ve been struck by the terminology of the Covid-19 pandemic:  Essential workers. Stay home stay safe. Shelter-in-place. Masks, ventilators, hand sanitizer. Tests, tracking, social distancing. Working from home. Zoom. Virtual graduations, weddings, birthday parties. Isolation. None of these words and phrases comes close to describing the state of panic and paralysis we find ourselves in. Continue reading Plague Poetry

Reasons to Get Stranded: Poetry to Read on a Desert Island

Let’s say, just for the fun of it, that you were left alone on some tropical island with an unknown amount of time ahead of you. Luckily, having anticipated just this emergency, you had the foresight to pack twenty books that would consume the hours while you await rescue.  Were this to happen to me, Continue reading Reasons to Get Stranded: Poetry to Read on a Desert Island

Dive Into the Wordpool

I discovered wordpools in Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge’s Poemcrazy. “I collect…hats, coins, cougars, old Studebakers,” she writes. “That is, I collect the words. Pith helmet, fragment, Frigidaire, quarrel, love seat, lily. I call gathering words this way creating a wordpool. This process helps free us to follow the words and write poems.” When I read this, I’d been writing Continue reading Dive Into the Wordpool

Sticks & Stones: The Second Year

  Here’s to another year of celebrating poetry! Each one of the books I reviewed in 2019 moved me in unique and unforeseen ways, from Shaindel Beers’ harrowing escape from an abusive marriage to Cynthia Anderson’s evocative descriptions of the Mojave Desert. These books went with me on road trips, to waiting rooms and hotel Continue reading Sticks & Stones: The Second Year