Organizing the Field

I’ve been so excited about my new poetry project, Field Notes, that I forgot how difficult it is to organize a poetry collection. So far, the 40-odd poems I've assembled fall into the following themes: Tree, Plant, Weather, Flowers, Seed, Insects, Earth, Grass, Compost, Bird, Stone, Ocean, Animal, Desert My first thought was to put the poems into seasonal categories, i.e., Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. … Continue reading Organizing the Field

Field Notes

During much of this spring, I’ve been in a creative lull – not exactly writer’s block but a definite slowdown. I wrote a few poems, I kept up with my twice-a-month blog posts and the newsletter, I wrote daily entries in my journal, but the energy I normally bring to my creative writing felt muted. … Continue reading Field Notes

An Appreciation: Terrance Hayes’s “The Blue Terrance”

My first encounter with Terrance Hayes’s poem “The Blue Terrance” occurred in my car. It was the spring of 2009 and I’d been listening to a CD of an episode of “The Playlist,” the Poetry Foundation’s podcast, on my way from one teaching job to another. The drive from Saratoga to Cupertino took about ten … Continue reading An Appreciation: Terrance Hayes’s “The Blue Terrance”

Rejection Brings Out the Best in Me

Last Friday, as I spent several hours getting batches of poems ready for submission, I started thinking about the word "submit." Meanings include “give in,” “yield,” “defer,” “succumb,” and “surrender.” If you're a writer hoping to publish work in journals and magazines, these words aren't likely to inspire confidence. Submitting work is an uncertain, often … Continue reading Rejection Brings Out the Best in Me