The Haiku Tree at Denver Botanical Gardens.

The Haiku Tree at the Denver Botanical Gardens

A selection of recently published poems, available online.

“Unbeliever Abecedarian” at Whale Road Review, Spring 2023.

“Earth Hum” at The Inflectionist Review, 1/14/23.

“Zero Hour” at The Inflectionist Review, 1/14/23.

“Katsura,” “Raw Material,” and “Wildfire” at ONE Art, 9/23/22.

“Caesura” at The Lake, August 2022.

“Mercy” at South Florida Poetry Journal, August 2022.

“Vanishing Point” at First Literary Review-East, May 2022.

Three Haiku at Wales Haiku Journal, 3/4/22.

“The Distance Between Us” at The Summerset Review, Spring 2022

“Choice” at Writers Resist, 3/18/22

“My Surgeries” and “Widershins” at Slant, 12/1/21.

A selection of poems at Poetica, 11/27/21.

Life in the Anthropocene” at A-Minor Magazine, 9/30/21.

How to Raise a Poet” at First Literary Review-East (scroll down for poem), 9/26/21.

“Smoke” and “What to Do With an Empty Nest” at Tab Journal, 9/12/21.

“Portal” at Verse Daily, 8/4/21 (first appeared in Redactions, Summer 2021).

“Driving Past Lettuce Fields on Highway 101” at Innisfree, 8/30/21.

“In a Dream My Mother Knocks at the Door” at Eclectica, July 2021.

“Where She Belongs,” April 22, 2021.

“Drift” at The Scriblerus, December 11, 2020.

“Harvest” at Gyroscope Review, October 7, 2020.

“Mother With Two Children” at The Ekphrastic Review, July 25, 2020.

“Sheltered In Place” at Global Poemic, July 5, 2020.

Four Poems at Escape Into Life, May 13, 2020.

“The Rites of Solitude” at One Sentence Poems, April 11, 2020.

“The Ocean” at Escape Into Life, February 12, 2020.

“The State of Jefferson,” winner of the 8th Annual Zocalo Poetry Prize at Zocalo Public Square, March 14, 2019. Poem and interview available online.

“The Reflection of Visible Wavelengths” at A-Minor, January 31, 2019.

“Inexact” at Escape Into Life, April 17, 2019.

“Object Lesson” at Rise Up Review, Summer 2019.

“Sixteen-Year-Old Unmade Bed Sells for 4.3 Million Dollars” at Poets Reading the News,” February 2 2019.

“The Reflection of Visible Wavelengths” at A-Minor Magazine, January 31 2019.

“A Life in Reverse,” “Beautiful Fakes,” “Dispatch From a Warming Planet,” “Horoscope,” and “Rural Roadside With Smashed Car” at CircleShow, November 27 2018.

“My Grandfather’s War Papers” at Collateral, November 20 2018.

“To the Border Guard Who Found Aylan Kurdi” at Collateral, November 20 2018.

“Hunter’s Moon” at Escape Into Life, October 24 2018.

“Devil Winds” at Rise Up Review, October 15 2018.

“Wolf Moon” at Escape Into Life, October 4 2018 (scroll down for poem).

“The Weight of So Much Compassion” at Willawaw Journal, September 2018 (scroll down for poem).

“Five Photographs By Edward S. Curtis” at The Ekphrastic Review, August 2018.

“Salamander” at First Literary Review-East, July 2018 (scroll down for poem).

“Leaving California” at Epigraph, June 2018 (scroll down for poem).

“Hunger” at Whale Road Review, February 2018.

“Rose Quartz” at First Literary Review-East, January 2018 (scroll down for poem)

“Rain In My Hands” and “Grass, the Conqueror” at Rascal Journal, Winter 2017

“Hotel Room” at Convergence, Fall 2017

Eight Poems at The Literary Nest, Summer 2017

 “How to Live in America” at Unlost Journal, Spring 2017 (found poem)

“Contemporary Realism” at One/Jacar Press, Winter 2017 (nominated for Best of the Net)

Haiku at Right Hand Pointing’s Low Sky Winter Haiku, 2017 (scroll down for poem)

Two Poems at Gravel Magazine, Fall 2016

“Life Raft” at First Literary Review East, Fall 2016

“Penitent” at One Sentence Poems, Summer 2016

Three Poems at The Tinderbox, Summer 2016

“theatre” at New Verse News, Spring 2016

Two Poems at Eclectica, Spring 2016

Three Poems at Contrary Magazine, Spring 2016 (“I Am No Falconress” nominated for Best of the Net)

Two Poems at The Lake, Spring 2016

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