Poetry Collection Reviews

Sticks & Stones: 2022 Book Covers

In January 2023, Sticks & Stones will begin its fifth year of publishing reviews of poetry collections.

When I started the newsletter in 2018, I wasn’t sure how long I would continue it. I didn’t really have a plan beyond making sure that I wrote the best possible reviews about the books poets sent me. Now, over sixty reviews later, I’m committed to continuing the practice for as long as I can.

2022 brought a wealth of incredible books from poets who wrote with depth and compassion about the times we’re living in. They wrote about relationships, death, love, the vulnerability of the planet, politics, and simple survival, which, as it turns out, is pretty complicated.

More people than ever are finding solace and inspiration in the art of poetry.

I’m happy to announce the Sticks & Stones review schedule for 2023:

January 2: Naming the Ghost by Emily Hockaday

February 6: Water Lessons by Lisa Dordal

March 6: Horse Not Zebra by Eric Nelson

April 3: Leave Me a Little Want by Beverly Burch

May 1: Light Waves by Kirsten Shu-ying Chen

June 5: Leave No Wake by Marie Gauthier

July 3: let the dead in by Saida Agostini

August 7: because God loves the wasp by Elisabeth Blair

September 4: Postcard Poems by Jeanne Griggs

October 3: buried [a place]  by Sue Scavo

November 6: Talk Smack to a Hurricane by Lynne Jensen Lampe

December 4: Through a Grainy Landscape by Millicent Borges Accardi

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