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Chapbook display at McNally Jackson Books in New York City

I’m re-launching my online presence, which includes this updated WordPress website, regular blog posts, and an enhanced, twice-monthly newsletter. The newsletter is the result of a brainstorm I had during one of my nine-hour drives between Oregon and California this fall: poetry books need more reviews! I used to review books of poems quite often, but I got busy with work and family issues, so I let that part of my creative practice lapse. Now I’m eagerly looking forward to reviewing two books per month (yes!)

Each review will be approximately five hundred words and include information on how to purchase the book. For now, I’m reviewing poetry only.

I want to make sure that poets who are considering sending me their books for review understand that I’m not in the business of giving “good” or “bad” reviews. Instead, I will attempt to give my most honest, thoughtful reactions, quote heavily (which helps readers get a sense of the book) and point out things that strike me about the book. If I can’t find anything that fits in these categories, I will respectfully decline reviewing the book. I will add the reviews to the authors’ Amazon and Goodreads pages, if applicable, and will share on social media. All reviews will be archived at www.ericagoss.com.

I also plan to review books that I already own, and books whose authors have not explicitly asked me for a review. If I own a book of yours and plan to review it, I’ll inform you one month in advance. There are many excellent collections of poetry on my bookshelf right now, and they deserve more reviews.

Currently I have twelve submissions, four books received, and two reviews completed. This is great opportunity to get your book in front of readers. Contact me at ericagoss@comcast.net for complete details.

You can read my published reviews here:

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Her Heartsongs by Joan Colby

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Illusion of an Overwhelm by John Amen

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Midnight Lantern: New and Selected Poems by Tess Gallagher

Invisible Strings by Jim Moore

Here Be Monsters by Colin Cheney

If I Were Another: Poems by Mahmoud Darwish

The Art of Syntax by Ellen Bryant Voigt

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How to Make a Bird with Two Hands by Mike White

The Darkened Temple by Mari L’Esperance

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Canyon in the Body by Lan Lan, trans. By Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Every Seed of the Pomegranate by David Sullivan

At Main Street Rag

Voyeur By Rich Murphy (PDF)

At Caesura

Savage Machinery by Karen Rigby (PDF)

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