Girls’ Voices Matter



Do you want to tell your story? Do you feel trapped by the expectations of others? Everyone deserves to be heard in a meaningful way. What if you had the opportunity to honor your own thoughts?  We know you have important stories to tell. We’re here to help you tell them, without judgement.


You want your daughter to go forward through her teen years with the confidence to fulfill her potential. As she reaches the critical pre-teen and teen years, you want her to learn the skills she needs to be successful in life. All teens, but especially girls, are vulnerable to feelings of low self-esteem, stress and self-consciousness.


We offer a safe, supportive community for girls to tell their stories and show us what they think and feel. We listen to girls and help them understand how important they are in the world. Through teamwork and individual attention, we encourage free expression through literary art and technology. We help girls feel proud of themselves and their accomplishments.

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