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Coming soon from Glass Lyre Press: Night Court, my latest poetry collection and winner of the 2016 Lyrebird Award for Poetry.

Vibrant Words: Ideas and Inspirations for Poets: poetry writing guidelines, 2014.

Wild Place: chapbook, poetry, 2012.


Best of Books By the Bed: essay. Bright City Books, 2014.

Disorder - Mental Illness and its Affect, memoir and poem. Red Dashboard, 2014.

Song of Los Gatos, poems, 2014.

The Crafty Poet, poem. Wind Publications, 2013.

Local Habitations, an Anthology of Santa Clara County's Poets Laureate, poetry, 2013

Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: Poets and Writers Respond to the March 5, 2007, Bombing of Baghdad's "Street of the Booksellers." PM Press, 2012. Winner, Northern California Book Award's NCBR Recognition Award


The Lake: “Bowl,” “Photographs of Elderly Poets.”

Contrary: “Early Morning, San Bernardino, 1969,” “I Am No Falconress,” “In the Fairytale Forest.”

One (Jacar): “Contemporary Realism.”

Gravel: “Father Fragments,” “Isabel.”

Tinderbox: “Parking Lot Time Warp,” “Verloren,” “We Drew Horses.”

The Tishman Review: “Post Last Rites.”

Eclectica: “Strange Land,” “Love Poem With Broken Things,” “The Art of Smoking.”

New Verse News: “telegenic,” “theatre.”

First Literary Review: “Life Raft.”

Innisfree: “Scraps,” “When My Grandmother Stood Up to the SS.”

But Does it Rhyme: “Dinner At Manresa,” "Afternoon in the Shape of a Pear."

Red Dashboard: "Bipolar."

Sand Hill Review: "Irresistible," "Nude Seated on a Rock By Pablo Picasso," "At Thirteen I Let a Boy Shoot My Dog With a BB Gun," "Monday's Pill," "My thoughts are such small birds," "Driving Barefoot With a Banana Slug," "Remember Three Words."

Canary: "Ghost Hive," "My Daily Crows."

Poetalk: "Blindsided," "Encontrado."

Portside Culture: "telegenic."

Catamaran: "Encontrada."

Escape Into Life: "Arrhythmia," "Blue," "Exile Angel," "My Daily Crows."

Pentimento: "Visiting Hours."

Gnarled Oak: haiku.

Postcard Poems: haiku.

One Sentence Poems: "Fever Dream," "The Scent of Orange Blossoms," "Penitent."

Perfume River Anthology: "The One Beautiful Thing."

Atticus Review: "12 Moons."

Man Street Rag: "Act Normal," "Believe," My Beautiful Mother Opens Her Mouth," "This Cold Devotion," "The Embrace, 1917."

Red Wheelbarrow: "A Serious Love Touches the Universe."

Bare Hands Poetry: "Act of Faith."

The Hummingbird Review: "Salt to Salt," "Boden."

Ekphrasis: "Mother With Two Children," "Four Photographs By Edward S. Curtis."

Santa Clara Review: "Afternoon in the Shape of a Pear."

Wild Violet: "Flowers."

Up the Staircase: "Theobroma Cacao," "Yellow Curry and Peas."

San Francisco Peace & Hope: "While You Can," "Shiver," "Sacred and Useless," "The Art of Demolition," "Ecce Homo," "The Finding Spot," "United Offering."

Annapurna: "Dinner at Manresa."

Victoria Johnson's blog: "Letter to Myself at Sixteen."

Blood Lotus: "The Messenger."

Stirring: "Omens, "Cover."

The Bohemia Journal: "The White Bear."

Lake Effect: "Night Court," "In Front of the Reichstag."

Connotation Press: "Darkroom," "Feverfew," "Love in a Mist," "As If In a Fire."

Miller's Pond: "Camellia Garden in October," " Conception," "Colorblind."

Bone Bouquet: "Fire Season."

Cafe Review: "Mouth," "This is a Wild Place."

Dash Literary Journal: "Cotyledon."

Perigee: "Autumnal," "Answer the Phone."

Zoland Poetry: "Easter Sunday."

Comstock Review: "Back to Empty," "Acquired Taste."

Passager: "Phase."

Lilipoh: "Dust of an Ordinary Star."

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