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"Stirring : A Literary Collection"

First published in Volume 13, Edition 9 : September 2011


What a relief
to accept this interruption,
stand at the window

where a Canadian storm
writes its last chapter
in black and white.

Snow: a surface that tempts
disturbance -- yet each crystal
hides a secret sting.

The garden, updated with new skin,
enlarges from this
unexpected gift.

Forget what the garden
looked like. Think of the ocean
with its living waters

moving slowly under ice.
Take stock of your life,
how trash laps its edges

while underneath dreams
invisible gravities
press salt out of the body.

Lose all anchors, one by one.
The only authority
is the weather.

Ask the snow
to teach you patience.
Ask for cover.

First published in Volume 13, Edition 10 : October 2011


Tap of bone on glass --
a clue, some chill intelligence.

Morning unfolds a series of warnings:
truncated telephone rings,
the cello's long vibration.

When the call comes that he is gone
you see the links
in the day's secret systems.

You begin to make preparations
some kind of plan for the future
as if the thing could be put right;

as if the walls of your house
had not just burst open.

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